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Scaling Up A Household Brand

1. Process Management
2. Business Strategy Development
3. Customer Strategy
4. Human Capital Consulting
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Incorporated in 1969, SAGA offers a broad-spectrum of renowned and reputable locally manufactured food products such as Rice Vermicelli, Flour Vermicelli, Bean Vermicelli, Egg Noodles, and Fish Maws, which are well-favoured by both locals and abroad, too. Not commonly known, SAGA also imports trading food products such as Instant Noodles, Oil, Fragrant Rice and Potato Starch.

“Through Advanced Consultancy’s assistance, I realised the importance of engaging experts to provide a fresh and neutral perspective to facilitate proper strategic planning and business transformation. I believe that other companies, especially family businesses, would be able to benefit from their help as well.”

– Saga Foodstuffs


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