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"Win the Hearts and Minds of Your People"

A company’s culture is at the heart of every decision it makes, from the project it spends resources on, to the talent it hires and the way it engages its customers. Yet many companies are still brushing this aside, making it harder to achieve their objectives and goals.

Are you developing your short and long term plans based on your Mission and Vision?

Are you inculcating company Values in your employees?

Most importantly, is everyone aligned with your company’s objectives and understand how each of them plays a part in achieving these goals?

Illuminate the purpose of work for you and your team today.

Are you facing these issues?

Define your Company with a Mission, Vision and Values

Both a mission statement and a vision statement help shape the direction of your company and the strategies you’ll need to use to achieve the desired results.

The similarities between the statements often lead them to be used interchangeably, but they’re actually quite different.

A mission statement describes what your company hopes to achieve now and is used to inform your near-term strategy, while a vision statement describes what your company hopes to achieve in the future and is used for planning your long-term strategy.

Values then guide the employees’ behaviors needed to fulfill these objectives. Combined, these give purpose to your company’s activities and instill a sense of belonging and identity in your employees.

Implement change more efficiently with Corporate Governance

As essential as it is to have a road map for cultural change, successfully implementing it requires buy-in from all the key stakeholders of your company.

In larger companies, they can include shareholders and the board of directors. A corporate governance framework offers a bird’s-eye view of how the relationships between these stakeholders are managed and sets the tone for how your company functions.

At Advanced Consultancy, we take pride in supporting you with the governance knowledge needed to move your company as a cohesive whole and tackle change more efficiently.

Cultivate a good public image with Corporate Social Responsibility

The culture of a company goes beyond serving its pertinent objectives and goals. Increasingly, local businesses are engaging in initiatives that give back to society.

A good corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme demonstrates that other than profit margins, your business genuinely cares about the social issues at large. This not only paints a positive image for your company, but also attracts customers who share the same beliefs.

The caveat is that it takes a significant amount of time and resources to develop appropriate CSR initiatives for your company. At Advanced Consultancy, we specialise in designing a CSR calendar that fits every budget and requirement.

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