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"Build the Foundation to Your Company’s Success"

It starts from the top.

In the face of mounting market competitiveness and rising customer expectations, we cannot emphasise the role of leadership in your company enough. Exceptional leaders engage stakeholders at all levels of your organisation to work towards a singular, unified goal. Better yet, they’re committed to helping other employees become future leaders, ensuring the continued success of your company.

Are you facing these issues?

Get everyone on the same page with a Communication Plan

Is your organisation missing deadlines for projects? Is it common for employees to have misunderstandings and face confusion?

Have you considered that poor internal communication could be a cause? Effective communication is key to successful teamwork and cooperation and we can help you improve it.

A communication plan is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of your company’s leaders. Simply put, a communication plan anticipates what information will need to be conveyed to whom, who is authorised to deliver it, what channels will be used for its dissemination and to solicit feedback, and finally, when it should be announced.

Being able to manage the flow of information allows leaders to maintain a consistent message across the board, and also breaks down resistance to changes with clearly defined information and objectives.

Talk to us today to learn how we can assist your leaders in formulating an effective communication plan.

Groom your next generation of Leaders

Does your company automatically reward high-performing individual contributors with leadership roles? If so, you run the risk of causing a disaster: declining performance or their team members wanting to leave – or both!

This is because the skill sets required to become an effective team leader are fundamentally different. Instead of delivering great work by themselves, leaders succeed by helping other employees achieve similar levels of output and fulfil organisational goals.

At Advanced Consultancy, we’ve devised a series of specialised assessment tools to help your company’s leaders proactively identify and groom future leaders. Apart from determining the strengths of your company’s talents, we’ll also help you understand the impact and risks of a leadership position on a team.

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“Thank you so much for your hard work and leadership in helping us to navigate through it all. Sincerely appreciated.”

Walter Tarca
President, Forefront Medical

"We worked with Advanced Consultancy for our Business Excellence (BE) framework and it has been fruitful. The professionalism, the assistance and guidance has been most helpful and we couldn’t have asked for a better consultant. They had most definitely helped us in the journey."

Vince Yip
Business Development Manager,
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