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"Make Smarter Decisions with the Right Analytics"

Your company needs to make hundreds of decisions every year, and either thrives or declines based on the quality of these decisions.

Whether it’s increasing or decreasing the number of personnel on standby or making adjustments to your online advertising budget, we aim to help you harness the power of precise analytics for smarter and more holistic decision-making.

Are you facing these issues?

Are you relying on the Right Data to make decisions?

Suppose you operate a chain of cafes, and you are thinking of opening a new outlet. Punggol Park, a hotpot for families and young couples, seems like the perfect location for your new outlet despite the high rent.

However, upon conducting a survey of your customers, you realise a majority of them live in the West. Opening your next outlet there will not only give you a chance to better serve your customers, but also allow you to capitalise on lower rent to generate more profit.

This is why looking at the right analytics is so crucial: it lets you sidestep potentially damaging decisions while seizing hidden opportunities to grow your business.

Get a snapshot of Market Conditions

Of course, how well your business is able to perform and grow also depends on a variety of other factors such as market competition and changing customer attitudes towards your company.

If your competitors are able to offer more value to your customers, or if you’ve collected negative reviews on social media, then it stands to reason that you’ll lose market share.

At Advanced Consultancy, our business analysts are more than happy to equip you with the capability to regularly assess the marketplace.
This way, you can double down on marketing the qualities that differentiate you from your competitors and tap on underserved markets while improving on your shortcomings and anticipating threats to your market position.

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Managing Director, Convergent Smart Technologies


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