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"Impress Your Customers At Every Turn"

You may have the most impressive product or service, but you won’t be maximising its value if you are not targeting the right customers and meeting their needs.

At Advanced Consultancy, our goal is to help pinpoint your target audience and understand what each segment of customers values in your products or services. We also look into smoothening your customers’ journey and building up a loyal customer base.

By adapting the value propositions of your products or services to solve your customers’ underlying pain points and creating new capabilities to deliver on these promises –  we can give your company a hand to take on a larger pie of the market.

Are you facing these issues?

Boost Customer Engagement and simplify purchase decisions

Increasingly, customers are finding new, diverse ways to interact with your business. They can chat with customer support on your social media, fill up a form on your website and leave comments on your videos.

We work with you to understand your customer journey and determine the key touch points to deliver a superior customer experience.

Once the right strategy is developed, customer engagement will be strengthened and you will help simplify the buying decision by providing them the confidence that they are purchasing from a reputable company.  

Build a Long-Term Following with your Customers

Your relationship with your customers doesn’t end after they’ve bought your product or service. In fact, it’s just starting!

Establishing a robust network of channels for customer feedback is no longer seen as an afterthought. Instead, customer insights are one of the key drivers for augmenting your products or services with new, desired features.

These improved products or services are designed to get your existing customers returning for more, thereby increasing their lifetime value and at the same time, attract more new customers.

1000+ Businesses Grew With Us

“Thank you so much for your hard work and leadership in helping us to navigate through it all. Sincerely appreciated.”

Walter Tarca
President, Forefront Medical

"The consultant has been very patient and helpful with us. Through the program, we have gained more insights and knowledge to advance our growth as a company to meet modern demand and internationalisation."

Kenneth Heng
Director, Pacific Packaging


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