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Christmas 2022


Advanced Consultancy's Christmas Party 2022

To show appreciation for the team and soak up the festive spirit, a special Christmas Party was organised. It was a fun-filled day, with games, bowling competition, dinner buffet, gift exchange and a lucky draw. 

We started off the day by splitting into 2 teams to compete against each other through a series of activities. First up, it was a battle of the senses. 5 different sets of food items with varying intensity of the following flavours: Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Salty & Spicy were prepared. Each team had 5 cups of items which had to be arranged in order for every round, Eg. Least sour to most sour. Every member could only taste what was in their cup and had to describe the taste to the team. There were 2 rounds conducted for each team to accumulate as many accurate guesses for the corresponding order of the items. 

After Team Black emerged victorious, we moved on to the next challenge. This time, it was a test of our balancing skills. A plastic ball had to be transported via poles through a relay race around the office.

We headed for our competition at Sonic Bowl after lunch. Kudos to Team White for being a good sport and leaving the post-it notes on their faces (as a punishment for losing the previous game) throughout the travelling journey and till the bowling competition started.

With a few star players on each side, both teams were neck and neck. In the end, Team Black won and was crowned the overall winning team, with members walking away with massage vouchers. To end off the day, the team had a sumptuous meal at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant.

After dinner, everyone had high hopes to win the top 3 prizes for the lucky draw. Congratulations to those who got their wish granted!

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"Thank you everyone, especially the organising committee for the fun, laughter and feast. It was a wonderful event to cherish."


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