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Bintan Retreat 2023

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Advanced Consultancy Goes To Club Med Bintan

When it comes to enhancing team dynamics, fostering creativity, and rekindling motivation, nothing compares to the magic of a company retreat. Recently, our team embarked on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery and growth at the enchanting Club Med Bintan. Nestled on the pristine Bintan Island in Indonesia, this tropical paradise provided the perfect setting for our team to unwind, bond, and recharge.


From discovering hidden talents in archery, to basketball coaching and even taking a leap of faith to conquer the flying trapeze, the first afternoon at Club Med flew by. It was heartening to see everyone guiding and encouraging one other while having fun at new activities. 


We took a short rest to freshen up before we headed to White Night. With the sunset and fairy lights in the backdrop, it looked truly magical. Dinner was quite a spread – we feasted while enjoying the live performances.

The ladies kickstarted the next morning with aerial yoga – a good stretch while learning the basics. Kayaking was next on the list, with the rest of the team joining in. The remaining day was spent on the scenic beach, with snacks and ball games.

When night fell, we dined at the specialty restaurant, where the dishes tasted as amazing as they looked. After filling up our tummies, it was time for some fun. With the help of the resort staff, the team glowed up with quirky motifs on our faces.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye. The memories made, the bonds forged and the laughter shared will always be something fond to look back on. 

Special thanks to the management & organising committee for this memorable retreat at Club Med Bintan


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