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Organise Your Data For Higher Productivity

Knowledge management is the centralisation of your company’s data and information, making them readily accessible to employees and other key stakeholders.

Data and knowledge are acquired from various sources, from subject experts at symposiums, market research reports to customer satisfaction surveys. Useful and relevant knowledge should be securely stored in your database, for easy retrieval and reference.

Create value for your business through knowledge management
Time & Cost Savings

Knowledge is often stored in a mix of locations or held by people in different departments. With a central database, a new employee can get up to speed quickly with your company’s policies and processes, freeing up time for HR to focus on other aspects of your business.

Consistent Output

The sharing of information allows every project to be performed in a well-coordinated manner, with each employee or team communicating the same values and engaging your customers similarly at every touchpoint.

Higher Data Security

The consolidation of data makes it easier to create backup. At the same time, access rights can be more judiciously distributed. Together, these measures reduce the risk of data loss and theft.

1000+ Businesses Grew With Us

The consultant has been very patient and helpful with us. Through the program, we have gained more insights and knowledge to advance our growth as a company to meet modern demand and internationalization.

Kenneth Heng
Director, Pacific Packaging

We worked with Advanced Consultancy for our Business Excellence (BE) framework and it has been a fruitful one. The professionalism, the assistance and guidance has been most helpful and we couldn’t have asked for a better consultant. They had most definitely helped us in the journey.

Vince Yip
Business Development
Manager, The Floor Gallery


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