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"To stay ahead of competitors, your business has to adapt, transform and be future-ready."

As a leading business consulting firm, our team of experienced & certified management consultants have helped over 1000 SMEs across various industries scale their businesses.

Apart from business consultancy, we provide a one-stop solution for bizSAFE, ISO, CaseTrust, GGBS, QA/QC Outsource, Food Consultancy & Hygiene Inspection, Audit Support & more.

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Embark On Transformation Through Business Strategy Development







Have you wondered why some companies grow at a faster rate, or are still able to grow despite the economic downturn?
It all boils down to the Business Strategy. Results from impact study proved that organisations which adopted the Business Excellence (BE) framework outperform their competitors.

Our business strategy development plan is guided by our 3S model – Survivability, Sustainability, Scalability and encompasses the BE framework. We focus on devising the right strategies for your organisation to drive growth and build business resilience.

We start by deep diving into your organisation’s current business model while analysing the market and business needs. From there, we help you stay ahead of competitors by anticipating future trends, adapting to the customers’ changing needs, and enhancing your business capabilities.

To bring companies from their current state to the desired state,
we employ a 4-step approach

1. Business Diagnostic
2. External Market Research
3. Development
4. Implementation

Charting out this roadmap helps to ensure that a holistic plan can be developed to lead the company towards achieving the organisational goals.

After our assessment, we will develop a business plan together with your organisation and implement it. However, our role does not end right after the implementation is completed. We will continue to provide advice and support for fine-tuning based on the goals and objectives that were set in the beginning.

Business Consultancy Services

Our Business Strategy Development (BSD) plan will optimise all 6 Engines of Growth (Leadership & Culture, Customers, People, Process, Data & Strategy) to ensure business survival, accelerate the growth of your company and maximise your revenue, even during recession.

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Business Diagnosis report

View a sample of our
Market Research report

View a sample of our Problem – Impact Study

View a sample of our Business Intelligence Tool

We’ll help your organisation become future-ready by studying your business and devising a fully personalised, recession-proof strategy.

We’ll assist in winning over the hearts and minds of your employees and equipping your leaders with the tools to succeed.

We’ll help you hunt for the right customers and design an engaging experience that attracts and retains them.

We’ll be your HR consultants and ensure you’ll always have a strong pool of talent at your fingertips.

We’ll help streamline your workflows and get the most value out of your relationship with each vendor.

We’ll help you secure your data and leverage the right analytics to make better business decisions.


Up to 50%
EDG grant*
Full team of
qualified Consultants
Suitable & effective solutions for SMEs
Familiar with over 20 industries in Singapore
Proven methodology & frameworks used by top consulting firms
Dedicated certified Consultant from start to end of project
Post project support
for 2 years

1000+ Businesses Grew With Us

"We worked with Advanced Consultancy for our Business Excellence (BE) framework and it has been fruitful.
The professionalism, the assistance and guidance has been most helpful and we couldn’t have asked for a better consultant. They had most definitely helped us in the journey."

Vince Yip
Business Development
The Floor Gallery

"The consultant has been very patient and helpful with us. Through the program, we have gained more insights and knowledge to advance our growth as a company to meet modern demand and internationalisation."

Kenneth Heng
Pacific Packaging

"Thank you so much for your hard work and leadership in helping us to navigate through it all. Sincerely appreciated."

Walter Tarca
President, Forefront Medical


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